Texts and publications available in English

The Gold Crevice (2018)

A theater of the present (2017)

Poetic devices: dissidence and cooperation (2017) >>>

Characters arriving, by Los Torreznos and Juan Domínguez (2014)

Act, realize, manifest (2014)

Practising the real (2014)

The cabinet of events (2014)

On/Off Language, with Lara Khaldi (2011)

Research in performing arts (2010)

In-trascendental narrative of Hong Sang-soo (2010-12)

Dramaturgy in the  expanded field (2010)

While we were holding it together, by Ivana Müller (2009)

The Continuum. Beyond the Killing Fields, by Ong Keng Sen (2009)

Llámame Mariachi, de La Ribot (2009)

Caligraphy of January about Mal Pelo(2009)

Body and Cinematography, with Isabel de Naverán (2008)

The Gaze fixedly in motion about La Ribot (2007)

Testimoni de Llops, by Mal Pelo(2006)

Cartography of the memory and the wall (2006)

Olga Mesa: cruelty and the gaze (2006)

Oskar Gómez and the Disintegration of Theatre (2006)

Carles Santos (2005)

Eyes in movement (2003)

Dance starts in the gaze (2003)

Contemporary Theatrical Creation in Spain: Genesis and Context (2003)

The impossible Theatre (1998)