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Great news!!

The GEAR member Mateo Ortiz, under the supervision of María Ángeles Cadarso and Luis Antonio López, has completed his Ph.D.!!

The thesis, entitled “La huella de carbono de agentes no estatales. Análisis a través de las cadenas globales de producción de multinacionales y ciudades”, presents three peer reviewed publications that you can easily access here:

  • Ortiz, M., Cadarso, M. Á. y López, L. A. (2020). The carbon footprint of foreign multinationals within the European Union. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 24(6), 1287-1299. doi:10.1111/jiec.13017 LINK
  • Ortiz, M., López, L.-A. y Cadarso, M. Á. (2020). EU carbon emissions by multinational enterprises under control-based accounting. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 163, 105104. doi: LINK
  • Gilles, E., Ortiz, M., Cadarso, M.-Á., Monsalve, F. y Jiang, X. (2021). Opportunities for city carbon footprint reductions through imports source shifting: The case of Bogota. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 172, 105684. doi: LINK

Mateo did an astonishing Thesis defense in front of a amazing thesis tribunal composed by Mònica Serrano (from Universidad de Barcelona), Ignacio Cazcarro (from Universidad de Zaragoza and ARAID) y André Carrascal (from Universidad de Oviedo).

Undoubtedly a day to remember for the GEAR group. Congratulations Mateo; thank you for your great work, incredible effort, and good mood.

Great doctor, with and without a tie…


Great news from GEAR!!

Santacruz Banacloche, under the supervision of María Ángeles Cadarso and Fabio Monsavle, has recently completed his Ph.D.!!

Santacruz has presented an insightful and diverse thesis that rests on the knowledge and work experiences acquired in CEPAL and CIEMAT, always well linked to a strong MRIO modelization storytelling.

The thesis, entitled “Análsiis de la sostenibilidad de las inversiones verdes en el camino hacia la transición energética y la descarbonización de la economía. La importancia de las cadenas globales de valor”, presents three peer reviewed publications that you can check following the next links:

  • Banacloche, S., Cadarso, M.Á., Monsalve, F., 2020. Implications of measuring value added in exports with a regional input-output table. A case of study in South America. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 52, 130-140. LINK
  • Banacloche, S., Cadarso, M.A., Monsalve, F., Lechon, Y., 2020. Assessment of the sustainability of Mexico green investments in the road to Paris. Energy Policy 141, 111458. LINK
  • Banacloche, S., Herrera, I., Lechón, Y., 2020. Towards energy transition in Tunisia: Sustainability assessment of a hybrid concentrated solar power and biomass plant. Science of The Total Environment 744, 140729. LINK

Congratulations Santacruz, thank you for your hard work and your tenacity!!

See you soon!

GEAR develops the photovoltaic sector macroeconomic report for the 2020 UNEF annual report

On 15 July, UNEF presented its annual report for 2020 entitled “The photovoltaic sector towards a new era” at a virtual press conference.

This report, which reviews the situation of the sector at the national and international level, devotes a complete section to the analysis and evaluation of the main macroeconomic indicators of the sector. This section has been developed, for the third consecutive year, by the GEAR research group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM).

Some of the main data in the report place the Spanish photovoltaic sector as a leader at the European level and sixth worldwide.

The photovoltaic sector as a whole generates a direct impact on national GDP of 3,220 million euros (0.26% of total GDP) and a total of 58,699 jobs considering direct, indirect, and induced employment.

Access all the information and the complete report from

GEAR on air!

The use of bicycle for commuting can lead to healthier urban environments. In this radio interview Nuria Gómez explains how public bicycle services can contribute to this aim.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can also read her recent article in The Conversation:

Bicycle, Health and Wellbeing!

¡Bicicleta, salud y bienestar!

GEAR “on air” again!

Last April 28th, GEAR participated in the scientific disclosure radio show “Investiga que no es poco” of CMM radio about the recent publication in Nature Communications.
You can listen to the interview from the following link (notice, the interview is in Spanish):


Thank you Román for your great interview. It was a big pleasure to be part of the reference programme of scientific dissemination in Castilla-La Mancha.

GEAR in the beautiful Seville

Last March 26, the GEAR member Luis Antonio López, was invited by the “Cátedra de Economía de la Energía y del Medio Ambiente” to present the conference entitled “Principales nodos de CO2 asociados al comercio internacional entre China y el resto del mundo” in the framework of the XII Jornada de Econonía y Medio Ambiente” at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Seville.

Thanks for the invitation to our colleagues from the Department of “Economic Analysis and Political Economics” and the Cátedra de Economía de la Energía y del Medio Ambiente.

We hope you have enjoyed the conference!


The Global Energy and Environmental Economic Analysis Research Group (GEAR) from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has signed a new contract with UNEF to develop the 2017-2018 macroeconomic status report of the solar photovoltaic sector in Spain.

The report will present a detailed economic, social and environmental assessment of the current situation of the solar photovoltaics Spanish sector in an MRIO context.

The report is going to be presented ending May in the UNEF’s headquarter in Madrid.

GEAR acknowledges UNEF the confidence in the Academic Research, as helps to spread to the society and to the economy the scientific knowledge.

GEAR in national press (Materia – El País)

María Ángeles Cadarso, the GEAR’s Group co-director, has participated today in MATERIA, the scientifical section of the national newspaper EL PAÍS.

The interview is related to a recently Nature Climate Change published paper about the Global Tourism Industry impact on Climate Change.

María Ángeles has provided some Spanish carbon footprint evidence for the case of the Tourism Industry. Comments are based on some of the results shown in previously GEAR’s published papers in the Journal of Cleaner Production and in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Big pleasure!



GEAR back in Seville

Last March 13-14, the GEAR member Fabio Monsalve, was invited to teach a Seminar entitled “Cálculo de Huellas Antropogénicas E-MRIO. Módulo Excel” by the Master on Economics and Development and to present the conference entitled “Dejando Huella” in the framework of the “11th Jornadas de Economía y Medio Ambiente”, both at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Seville.

Thanks for the invitation to our colleagues from the Department of “Economic Analysis and Political Economics“.

We hope you have enjoyed the seminar and the conference!

“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”: screening invitation

GEAR, within the framework of the 14th Edition of the “Movies and Economics Seminar”, invites you to the screening of the latest Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”.

José Julio del Olmo, a recognized local activist from “Ecologistas en Acción“, will present the movie and will motivate a discussion after the screening.

PLACE: Aula Magna – Faculty of Economics, University of Castilla-La Mancha

DATE AND TIME:  February 22nd (Thursday,) – 6 p.m.

PRESENTER: José Julio del Olmo (Ecologistas en Acción)

See you on the movies!