Jorge Zafrilla

Department of Economics and Finance – GEAR Research Group
Hispanic Input-Output Society (Council Member 2017-2020; 2021-2024)

Address: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Postal Address: Plaza de la Universidad, 1, CP: 02071, Albacete, Spain. Phone: +34926053227; Room: 3.01



Research Areas:

  • Input-Output Analysis
  • Extended Input-Output Models
  • Applied General Equilibirum Models
  • MRIO
  • Environmental Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • IO-LCA hybrid models
  • Environmental and Energy Policy Modelling
  • International Trade
  • Socioeconomic impacts
  • Corporations carbon footprint

Scientific Publications:

  • García-Alaminos, A., Zafrilla, J., & Monsalve, F. Forced labour in the fashion industry: a hypothetical EU-driven reorganisation of textile value chains. Economic Systems Research, 1-26. doi:10.1080/09535314.2024.2345096 LINK
  • García-Alaminos, Á., Monsalve, F., Zafrilla, J., 2024. Disentangling social impacts in global value chains through structural path analysis: Investigating forced labor in the cotton industry. Journal of Industrial Ecology n/a. LINK
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  • López, L.-A., Arce, G., Cadarso, M.-Á., Ortiz, M., Zafrilla, J. (2023) The global dissemination to multinationals of the carbon emissions ruling on Shell. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. In Press. LINK
  • García-Alaminos, Á., Gilles, E., Monsalve, F., & Zafrilla, J. (2022). Measuring a university’s environmental performance: A standardized proposal for carbon footprint assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 357, 131783. doi: LINK
  • Gueddari-Aourir A, García-Alaminos A, García-Yuste S, Alonso-Moreno C, Canales-Vázquez J, Zafrilla JE. The carbon footprint balance of a real-case wine fermentation CO2 capture and utilization strategy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2022;157:112058. LINK
  • Cazcarro, I., García-Gusano, D., Iribarren, D., Linares, P., Romero, J. C., Arocena, P., . . . Cadarso, M.-Á. (2022). Energy-socio-economic-environmental modelling for the EU energy and post-COVID-19 transitions. Science of The Total Environment, 805, 150329. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150329
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  • Zafrilla, J., García-Alaminos, Á., & Monsalve, F. (2020). The Sustainability Challenge of Dairy Livestock Systems. In S. García-Yuste (Ed.), Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Dairy Farms (pp. IX, 112, SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology): Springer International Publishing LINK
  • García-Alaminos, Á., Monsalve, F., Zafrilla, J., & Cadarso, M.-A. (2020). Unmasking social distant damage of developed regions’ lifestyle: A decoupling analysis of the indecent labour footprint. PLoS ONE, 15(4) LINK
  • Monsalve, F., Ortiz, M., Cadarso, M.-Á., Gilles, E., Zafrilla, J., & López, L.-A. (2020). Nesting a city input–output table in a multiregional framework: a case example with the city of Bogota. [journal article]. Journal of Economic Structures, 9(1), 8. LINK
  • Zafrilla, J.-E., Arce, G., Cadarso, M.-Á., Córcoles, C., Gómez, N., López, L.-A., Monsalve, F., Tobarra, M.-Á., 2019. Triple bottom line analysis of the Spanish solar photovoltaic sector: A footprint assessment. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 114, 109311. LINK
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  • Monsalve, F., Zafrilla, J.E., Cadarso, M.-Á.,  and García-Alaminos, Á. 2018. Is the emperor wearing new clothes? A social assessment of the European Union 2007–2013 financial framework. Economic Systems Research: 1-20 in press. LINK
  • Álvarez, S., Tobarra, M.A. and Zafrilla, J. 2018. Corporate and Product Carbon Footprint under Compound Hybrid Analysis. Application to a Spanish Timber Company. Journal of Industrial Ecology, in press
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  • Dejuán, O. and Zafrilla, J.E. (2009): “An Energy AGE Model”, Working paper 8-2009 Departamento de Análisis Económico y Finanzas, UCLM. LINK


Bachelor’s Degrees – Faculty of Economics and Bussines Sciences, UCLM

  • Principles of Economics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Economic Theory Complements

Master’s Degrees – Master in Growth and Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Economics