María Ángeles Cadarso

Department of Economics and Finance – GEAR Research Group

Address: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Postal Address: Plaza de la Universidad, 1, CP: 02071, Albacete, Spain. Phone: +34926052945; Room: 3.03



Research Areas:

  • Input-Output Analysis
  • MRIO
  • Environmental Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • IO-LCA
  • Environmental and Energy Policy Modelling
  • International Trade
  • Offshoring
  • Environmental Impact from International Freight Transport.

Scientific Publications:

  • López, L.-A., Arce, G., Cadarso, M.-Á., Ortiz, M., Zafrilla, J. (2023) The global dissemination to multinationals of the carbon emissions ruling on Shell. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. In Press. LINK
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  • Ortiz, M., Cadarso, M.-Á., López, L.-A., Jiang, X., 2022. The trade-off between the economic and environmental footprints of multinationals’ foreign affiliates. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 62, 85-97. LINK
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  • Cadarso, M.Á., Gilles, E., López, L.A., Ortiz, M., 2021. Comercio e integración en el mundo post-COVID-19: Oportunidades y desafíos para América Latina y el Caribe. Revista Integración & Comercio Año 25. LINK
  • López, L.-A., Tobarra, M.-A., Cadarso, M.-Á., Gómez, N. y Cazcarro, I. (2022). Eating local and in-season fruits and vegetables: Carbon-water-employment trade-offs and synergies. Ecological Economics, 192, 107270. doi: LINK
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Bachelor´s Degrees

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics

Master´s Degrees – Master in Growth and Sustainable Development

  • Environmnental Macroeconomics