Carmen Córcoles

carmenDepartment of Economics and Finance – GEAR Research Group

Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences

Address: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Postal Address: Plaza de la Universidad, 1, CP: 02071, Albacete, Spain. Phone: +34926053012; Room: 3.02


Research Areas:

  • Input-Output Analysis
  • Environmental Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Environmental and Energy Policy Modelling
  • International Trade
  • Environmental Impact from Institutions
  • Applied General Equilibrium Models

Scientific Publications:

  • López Bernabé, E., Carrasco Monteagudo, I. & Córcoles Fuentes, C. (2024). Spatial diffusion of the socio-economic effects from the deployment of energy technologies in Spain. Spatial Economic Analysis, 1-20 LINK
  • Córcoles, C., López, L. A., Osorio, P. y Zafrilla, J. (2024). The carbon footprint of the empty Castilla-La Mancha. Energy Policy, 184, 113892. doi:
  • Carrasco, I., Castillo-Valero, J.S., Carchano, M. & Córcoles, C. (2023). Recent evolution of wine exports in a turbulence period: a multiregional analysis. Agricultural Economics & Policy, 11, 6.  LINK
  • Castillo-Valero, J.S., Carrasco, I., Carchano, M. & Córcoles, C. (2021). What is the environmental impact of wine entering global value chains? Studying the evolution of CO2 emissions from the export of spanish denomination of origin wines. Foods, 10(7). LINK
  • Zafrilla, J.-E., Arce, G., Cadarso, M.-Á., Córcoles, C., Gómez, N., López, L.-A., Monsalve, F., Tobarra, M.-Á., 2019. Triple bottom line analysis of the Spanish solar photovoltaic sector: A footprint assessment. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 114, 109311. LINK
  • Dejuán, O., J. E. Zafrilla, M. Á. Tobarra, F. Monsalve, and C. Córcoles. 2017. Decarbonizing electricity generation in the EU. Its impact on emissions and employment all over the world. In Environmental and Economic Impacts of Decarbonization. Input-Output Studies on the Consequences of the 2015 Paris Agreements, edited by O. Dejuán, et al.: Routledge -Taylor&Francis Group- LINK
  • Dejuán, Ó., Córcoles, C., Gómez, N. and Tobarra, M.A. (2015): “Forecasting energy demand through a dynamic input-output model”, Economics and Business Letters, 4, (3), 108-115
  • Dejuán, O., Cadarso, M.A. y Córcoles, C. (2009): Cambio estructural y desarrollo sostenible. ISBN 13:978-84-692-7173-5.
  • Dejuán, O., Cadarso, M.A. y Córcoles, C. (2003): Tablas Input-Output de Castilla-La Mancha por métodos indirectos. Dep. Leg.: GU-392/2003 .
  • Córcoles, C. (1999): Análisis de los efectos del gasto público en la economía española en el período 1980-1990 a través del multiplicador estructural. ISBN: 84-8427-009-2.
  • Córcoles, C. (1999): “Efectos multiplicadores del gasto público en la economía española en el período 1980-1990”, Hacienda Pública Española, v.2, págs. 85-114.


Bachelor´s Degrees

  • Intermediate Microeconomics

Master´s Degrees – Master in Growth and Sustainable Development

  • Neoclassical Models of Endogenous Growth