Congrats Guadalupe!

Great news from GEAR!!

Guadalupe Arce, one of our most talented researchers, has recently completed her doctorate (distinction “cum laude”)!!

All the contributions of the thesis, entitled: “Carbon emissions embodied in global value chains. The Chinese international trade role: The case of Spain and the new developing countries”, have been already published. If you are interested in this field of research follow the next links to download the papers:

  • López, L.A., Arce, G., and Zafrilla, J.E. (2013): “Parcelling virtual carbon in the pollution haven hypothesis”, Energy Economics, vol. 39, pages 177-186 (LINK).
  • López, L.A., Arce, G. and Zafrilla, J.E.. (2014): “Financial Crisis, Virtual Carbon in Global Value Chains, and the Importance of Linkage Effects. The Spain–China Case”, Environmental Science & Technology (Vol. 48, pp. 36-44): American Chemical Society (LINK).
  • Arce, G. (2014): “Fuga de carbono, hipótesis refugio de emisiones e hipótesis alternativas. Una revisión de la literatura”, Información Comercial Española (ICE), (Vol. 881, pp. 167-178), December, 2014 (LINK).
  • Arce, G., López, L.A. and Guan, D. (2016): “Carbon emissions embodied in international trade: The post-China era”, Applied Energy, 184: 1063-1072 (LINK).

Congratulations Guada, and thank you for hard work and your tenacity!!

It is a  big pleasure to work with you!!


Carbon Footprint Manual recently published by two GEAR members

Luis Antonio López and Jorge Zafrilla, GEAR members, in collaboration with Sergio Álvarez (from Madrid Technical University), have recently published the AENOR’s 6th volume of the Carbon Footprint Series entitled “La huella de carbono y el análisis input-output”.

This is a completely updated manual in Spanish to learn about the carbon footprint estimation and related tools (MatLab codes, visualization tools, calculators, etc.) using Environmentally Extended MRIO and hybrid IO-LCA models.

We hope you find this book interesting!