Congrats Guadalupe!

Great news from GEAR!!

Guadalupe Arce, one of our most talented researchers, has recently completed her doctorate (distinction “cum laude”)!!

All the contributions of the thesis, entitled: “Carbon emissions embodied in global value chains. The Chinese international trade role: The case of Spain and the new developing countries”, have been already published. If you are interested in this field of research follow the next links to download the papers:

  • López, L.A., Arce, G., and Zafrilla, J.E. (2013): “Parcelling virtual carbon in the pollution haven hypothesis”, Energy Economics, vol. 39, pages 177-186 (LINK).
  • López, L.A., Arce, G. and Zafrilla, J.E.. (2014): “Financial Crisis, Virtual Carbon in Global Value Chains, and the Importance of Linkage Effects. The Spain–China Case”, Environmental Science & Technology (Vol. 48, pp. 36-44): American Chemical Society (LINK).
  • Arce, G. (2014): “Fuga de carbono, hipótesis refugio de emisiones e hipótesis alternativas. Una revisión de la literatura”, Información Comercial Española (ICE), (Vol. 881, pp. 167-178), December, 2014 (LINK).
  • Arce, G., López, L.A. and Guan, D. (2016): “Carbon emissions embodied in international trade: The post-China era”, Applied Energy, 184: 1063-1072 (LINK).

Congratulations Guada, and thank you for hard work and your tenacity!!

It is a  big pleasure to work with you!!