Distributing Web Components in a Display Ecosystem Using Proxywork

Pedro G. Villanueva, Ricardo Tesoriero, José. A. Gallud. Distributing Web Components in a Display Ecosystem Using Proxywork. Proceedings of he 27th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference: The Internet of things. September 9-13, 2013, Uxbridge, UK.

Proxywork is a system that allows users to distribute user interface components of Web applications among a set of devices. The distribution is controlled by the user through a set of primitives (i.e. show, hide, copy, move, etc.) attached to Web page components. As these operations are automatically attached to Web page components on runtime by the Proxywork, Web pages do not require any extra information to be distributed among different devices. To illustrate how to distribute Web application user interface components, this paper presents a Web site as a study case showing the results of performing user interface distribution operations among devices running on different platforms. This paper also presents the evaluation of the Proxywork system.