CAUCE Case Tool

The main goal of the CAUCE Case Tool is supporting of the development Context-aware Systems for Ubiquitous Computing Environments following the CAUCE methodology.

It is composed by a set of graphical editors to create and edit models as well as perform model transformations.

While graphical editors were implemented as Eclipse Products using the EMF and the GMP technologies; transformations were implemented as Eclipse ATL and MOFScript Projects for the Model To Model (M2M) and the Model To Text transformations respectively.

The Figure 22 shows the Entity Context Model Editor as an example of a CAUCE Model Editor. The editor perspective defines 4 main areas: the model graphic editor to edit model elements, the model outline to show an overview of the model, the problems view to expose model constraint voilations (expressed in OCL) and the properties view to edit model values.

CAUCE model editor sample
Figure 22: CAUCE model editor sample