Research Work (MSc)

Diseño de aplicaciones colaborativas sensibles al contexto aplicadas al aprendizaje


Designing Context-aware Collaborative Applications for Learning Environments

This research work presents a viability study of the design and development of context-aware collaborative applications for learning environments. It introduces the idea combining design patterns defined in different domains as components to build context-aware collaborative applications for e-learning environments. To cope with this work, it performs a review on context-awareness, ubiquitous computing, collaborative systems, m-learning, design patters (object oriented software, human-computer interaction, groupware and mobile computing) and proposes the following set of goals to deal with the development process:

  1. Define a methodology to relate design patterns belonging to different domains to set up a framework to develop applications.
  2. Based on the framework defined as result of the achievement of the previous goal, develop a prototype of a CASE environment to support the combination of the patterns as components to define e-learning applications
  3. Set up a relationship between de conceptual definition of the design patterns and the implementation of them to develop e-learning application prototype implementation.
  4. Apply the methodology to a case of study
  5. Evaluate the usability of the generated applications

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