GEAR in Merida, Mexico 7th SHAIO Conference

Three members of GEAR partipated at the 7TH SHAIO Conference held in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico ( The biennial international conference of the Hispanic-American Input-Output Society (

The papers presented were:

  • Zafrilla, J.E., López, L.A., Domingos, T. and Monsalve, F. “Technology-based criterion to share environmental responsibility”.
  • Tobarra, M.A., Gómez, N. and Chitnis, M. “Environmental Impact from Spanish Food Waste”.
  • Arce, G., Tisserant, A., López, L.A. and Wood, R. “Who drives climate change? The relevance of extreme inequality”
  • Monsalve, F., Zafrilla, J.E., Cadarso, M.A. and García-Alaminos, A. “Unintended social consequences of EU financial framework 2014-2020”.