Computing GHG Emissions (MATLAB Open Code)

Fabio Monsalve, member of the GEAR Group, has published a, open MATLAB code allowing the computation of the Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions (Co2 equivalent) according to the Environmentally Extended Mutiregional Input-Output Methodology (EEMRIO) and realying on World Input Output Database (WIOD).


In this code, the emissions, attributed to a bill of Final Demand, are allocated to countries/regions(41) and sectors (35). To run the model, it is necessary to download the following files from WIOD site:

The files should be uncompressed (if necessary) and saved in the same folder where the code is (saving in another folder will require changes in the set path preferences of Matlab).

Fabio hopes you find this code useful for your Multiregional Input-Output analysis!!