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Kurt Kratena visits GEAR

Last Thursday, May 12th, GEAR team was visited  by the researcher of  the Centre of Economic Scenario Analysis and Research, S.L. – CESAR ( and the Austrian Institute of Economic Research, WIFO ( Kurt is also Associate Professor at the University of Loyola (Seville).

At the working meeting, some lines of future collaboration between the two teams were established.

Reunión con Kurt (002)

BOOK proposal to be published by Routledge

Óscar Dejuán, María Ángeles Cadarso and Manfred Lenzen are going to be the editors of the book entitled “Environmental and economic impacts of decarbonization. Input-output studies on the consequences of the 2015 Paris agreements”. 

The publisher has shown a great interest in the following proposal:


The title of the book provides a clear framework for the chapter. It is opened, however, to a broad array of topics and approaches:

  • Any type of impact: environmental, economic and/or social
  • Any territorial dimension: local, regional, national or international
  • Any methodological and analytical approach in which there is room for input-output techniques


  • 21/06/2016: Reception of papers with an abstract (about 300 words) specifying the goals, data and methods of the research
  • 21/07/2016: (a) Confirmation of the selected papers. (b) Detailed proposal to Routledge in order to obtain the final approval of the book
  • 21/12/2016: Submission of the papers to the editors (they may require some improvements)
  • 21/03/2017: Submission of the final manuscript to Routledge
  • Late 2017: Book published by Routledge

If you are interested, please contact with María Ángeles Cadarso (