Óscar Dejuán, María Ángeles Cadarso and Manfred Lenzen are going to be the editors of the book entitled “Environmental and economic impacts of decarbonization. Input-output studies on the consequences of the 2015 Paris agreements”. 

The publisher has shown a great interest in the following proposal:


The title of the book provides a clear framework for the chapter. It is opened, however, to a broad array of topics and approaches:

  • Any type of impact: environmental, economic and/or social
  • Any territorial dimension: local, regional, national or international
  • Any methodological and analytical approach in which there is room for input-output techniques


  • 21/06/2016: Reception of papers with an abstract (about 300 words) specifying the goals, data and methods of the research
  • 21/07/2016: (a) Confirmation of the selected papers. (b) Detailed proposal to Routledge in order to obtain the final approval of the book
  • 21/12/2016: Submission of the papers to the editors (they may require some improvements)
  • 21/03/2017: Submission of the final manuscript to Routledge
  • Late 2017: Book published by Routledge

If you are interested, please contact with María Ángeles Cadarso (angeles.cadarso@uclm.es).