The GEAR members Luis Antonio López (UCLM) and Guadalupe Arce (Complutense University), in collaboration with Xuemei Jiang (Capital University of Economics and Business of Beijing), have recently published «Mapping China’s flows of emissions in the world’s carbon footprint: A network approach of production layers» in Energy Economics. 

In this paper the authors propose a combination of the environmental extended Multiregional Input-Output Model (EE-MRIO), applying a Structural Path Analysis, with the complex network analysis to adequately identify different types of communities or clusters of sector as boost and suppliers of carbon emissions by type of sector (processing exports, non-processing exports and China normal production), type of final demand (consumption and investment) and the different stages of production. 

This approach is an important novelty in the input-output literature because, in our opinion, the research is useful to assess the scope of possibilities that companies of different sectors have regarding reducing their carbon footprint and the limit implied for the transmission of technology between companies in the same sector or companies that relocate their production to China.

We hope you enjoy it!