GEAR in Paris

Many members of GEAR have attended and presented 6 papers in the ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT KNOWLEDGE WEEK (E2KW), an international conference organized by CYTEMA-UCLM in collaboration with UPEC-Cetreil. The six papers presented were:

  • “Analizing the interdependence of renewable energy and wealth generation”, López-Bernabé, E., Córcoles, C. y Carrasco, I. (POSTER)
  • “Mexico and Brazil: Global value chains and CO2 emissions embodied in trade”, Banacloche, S., Cadarso, M.A. y Monsalve, F.
  • “Is the emperor naked? Tracking the environmental and social footprint of EU 2007-2013 Finanncial Framework”, Monsalve, F., Zafrilla, J.E., Cadarso, M.A. y García-Alaminos, Á. (POSTER)
  • “Global emissions chains and multinational enterprises: Measuring responsibilities following the control criterion”, López, L.A., Cadarso, M.A., Zafrilla, J.E. y Arce, G.
  • “Are we greener or just older? Present and future CO2 diet emissions in Spain”, Tobarra, M.A., Gómez, N. y Druckman, A.
  • Environmental impact from Spanish food waste and its alternative: If I waste there will be trouble, if I don’t there will be double” Tobarra, M.A., Gómez, N. y Chtinis, M.


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