The MOMU, a successful experience at UCLM

The MOMU project has been the example selected by the UCLM as part of the Informative Workshops carried out by the European Projects Office (OPE) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in the Campus of Cuenca last 13th March .

The aim of these conferences was to disseminate the work carried out from this office, as well as to present researchers with the most up-to-date information on European calls for proposals and other regulatory aspects that may be useful to them in preparing their proposals.

Emilio Gómez Ciriano, director of the MOMU project, presented the main problems and solutions when facing the development of a European project of these characteristics. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to know first hand, all the phases of the project and to know the publications resulting from the project.

Reportaje sobre el seminario de presentación de resultados en Madrid

En este video recoge un resumen del seminario que se celebró el  pasado  día 26 de abril tuvo lugar el seminario de diseminación del proyecto MOMU en España. La sesión se celebró en la Facultad de Trabajo Social de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid con la participación de medio centenar de estudiantes, profesores y profesionales del trabajo social y del arte.

The MOMU Spain group presents the results and experiences of Social Work and Art in Madrid

Last 26th April, the dissemination seminar of the MOMU Spain  project took place in the Faculty of Social Work of the Complutense University of Madrid with the participation of fifty students, professors and professionals of Social Work and Art.

The seminar began with the welcome by the Dean of the School of Social Work, Aurora Castillo, who thanked to all the participants. Then Emilio José Gómez Ciriano, project manager in Spain, presented the main results of the project, which in next june will materialize in a handbook in English and another in Spanish.

Emilio Gómez pointed out that this project «is a listening project, and the different views of each country participating in the MOMU have made the project very productive and complex at the same time».

Luis Sáez, creative director of the project  «Debajo del Sombrero» (Under the Hat), started in the second part of the seminar with the presentation of some of the projects that have served as reference in the research of MOMU Spain. Luis Sáez has explained that Debajo del Sombrero is a platform for the creation, research, production, and dissemination of art where its main protagonists are people with intellectual disabilities. The workshops are developed in spaces that enable learning and dialogue with other artists, as well as the realization of both individual and collective projects. Under the Sombrero is a non-profit association of national scope declared of Public Utility.

As Luis Sáez pointed out, «in Debajo del Sombrero we work with artists with intellectual disabilities and in some moments what we have to do is open the space and wait». As stated Óscar Martínez, member of the MOMU Spain project, «the project works with artists, and gives them the possibility of making art. The art does not have a purpose a priori, it is made to be done, it is not done at all in concrete although it can come to serve «.

The afternoon session was presented by Esther Mercado, professor of the UCM and member of the steering group, and was developed by Nieves Martínez, member of the Asociación Grupo 5, with a theater workshop as a method of social intervention for people with different abilities. The Asociación Grupo 5 is a non-profit association, whose main activities are Sociocultural Animation and Social Work in Castilla la Mancha. In 2008, the Social Work department was launched, providing technical support to both collective clients (Associations, Foundations, Legal and Labor Counseling, etc.) and individual clients (demands from private clients).

Nieves presented the theatrical experience he performs with people with intellectual disabilities and which is an activity that helps them improve their social skills and allows them to leave their routine activity within the center in which they live. As Nieves pointed out, «with the theater they are protagonists, they are applauded and aren´t reprimanded». The seminar ended with the satisfaction of all the participants who had first-hand knowledge of the results of the project, months before the end of the meeting to be held in June in Manchester.

Spanish dissemination seminar will be hold in three weeks

In three weeks, April 26th, will be hold the Spanish dissemination session of the MOMU project. The Seminar entitled: «Art and Social Work, common places» will take place in the the Faculty of Social Work of the Complutense University of Madrid. The main objective of this seminar is to present the results of the project and the main conclusions that are part of the handbook that will be presented in June at the Manchester meeting.

MOMU project dissemination at Congress of Social Work in San Sebastian

Emilio Gómez, coordinator of MOMU in Spain and the researchers José María Herranz and Esther Mercado presented a paper about MOMU project at the III International Congress of Social Work «Social Work: art to generate links» that was held in the campus of San Sebastián de The University of Deusto from 26th to 28th of October 2016.

The paper with the title: «The MOMU project or how to work synergistically from journalism, fine arts and social work to favor the integration of young people in situation of social vulnerability» explain the project’s progress after the first year of life and the perspectives of Future work. They also had the opportunity to exchange with other researchers different perspectives that could enrich the work in the coming months.

MOMU radio program «on air»

Last 23th june, the MOMU Spanish team were in the School of Journalism to explain the goals and the progress of this project. Gomez Ciriano, project manager, led the conversation and each of the members of the group analyzed the different issues: exclusion, youth, social work and arts, stakeholders, meetings and so on.

You can listen the program in this link


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Dissemination activities with different stakeholders

MOMU Spain will introduced the MOMU European project to the main stakeholders groups last 22nd june. This event was organized in collaboration with the Castilla-La Mancha Social Workers Association.


Social Service Cuenca Councilor, José María Pérez; the head of the Department of Social Intervention of the city, Begoña del Pozo; and different members of the Castilla-La Mancha Social Workers Association assisted and asked about the development of the project.

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Los principales grupos de interés asisten a la presentación del MOMU

El equipo MOMU de la UCLM, en colaboración con el Colegio de Trabajo Social de Castilla-La Mancha, presentó el proyecto europeo MOMU (Moving towards multiprofessional work) el pasado miércoles 22 de junio.

Al acto asistieron el concejal de Servicios Sociales del Ayuntamiento de Cuenca, José María Pérez; la responsable del Área de Intervención Social (AIR) del Ayuntamiento, Begoña del Pozo; y distintos miembros del Colegio de Trabajo Social de Castilla-La Mancha.


A lo largo de una hora, los miembros del MOMU pudieron presentar los principales avances del proyecto, cuando se acerca el primer año de desarrollo; y pudieran intercambiar con los responsables de distintas áreas de trabajo social en la ciudad, dudas y experiencias que permitirán desarrollar una colaboración conjunta en el futuro.

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