The first training with professor starts

Two days ago, last November 25th, the first working session was held with a group of 12 professors from the University of Castilla-La Mancha belonging to the Faculties of Social Work, Social Education, Journalism, Fine Arts and the School of Arts and Crafts Novillo Of Cuenca, which has a higher vocational training course.

Emilio Gómez presented the working session and the project objectives and the current situation of it. Then, Óscar Martínez explained some good practices and cases about social work and art, so that professors can understant some experiences that are already being developed.

After a break, the working session began in pairs between professor of social work and art. First Cristina Serna spoke about persuasion and this was the starting point to began working on a joint proposal by couples. And the objetive was that could be developed in the classroom with the students.

The results of this first session have been very enriching in order to be able to continue working in 2017, having as main objective the classroom and the multiprofessional work.