Learning Resources – Science Museum Group

Author: Science Museum Group

Recommended by: Beatriz García Fernández

“This site brings together resources from our Museums, including activities, games and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries and beyond.”



Author: verbbusters.com

Recommended by: Mª Prado Camacho Alarcón

“On this website for practising verbs you can find explanatory videos and information about different Apps for learning irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, etc., both from English to English and from source language to target language.”


Author: languageguide.org

Recommended by: Mª Prado Camacho Alarcón

“It is a great website for vocabulary as it is very well structured by subject. It is not only for English, but you can choose from a wide range of languages. The resources are for a basic to pre-intermediate level of knowledge of the language, more than enough to get you started in communication).”

Learning English (BBC)

Author: BBC

Recommended by: Mª Prado Camacho Alarcón

“On this website you can work on listening comprehension and vocabulary. This website has a lot to offer as it also includes a section for teachers on methodological aspects and a section for students to work autonomously on their own learning process.”

Saber Inglés (website in Spanish)

Author: Saber Inglés

Recommended by: Mª Prado Camacho Alarcón

“On this website you can work on all the skills. It has a large number of vocabulary and grammar exercises, extension of lexical-grammatical structures through songs, etc. In addition, in the teacher’s section, teachers can download resources free of charge.”

La Mansión del Inglés (website in Spanish)

Author: La Mansión del Inglés C.B.

Recommended by: Mª Prado Camacho Alarcón

“On this website there are multiple sections to work on vocabulary and grammar, as well as other skills such as listening and reading comprehension. In the resources section, teachers and students can find a variety of activities and lists of idiomatic expressions, famous phrases, etc.”