Academic Writing in English

Author: Brimley Norris, C.

Recommended by: Lucas Baeyens Morata

“This book is completely focused on academic writing, taking special care of grammar issues
and different academic written genre conventions. For EMI methodology interested professors
it could help develop their academic English written skills. Particulary interesting for this
matter is a little section entitled “General advice for non-native writers in academic English”
(page 3).”

Academic interactions. Communicating on Campus

Author: Feak, C., Reinhart, S, & Rohlck, T.

Recommended by: Lucas Baeyens Morata

“Interesting book addressed mainly to university professors. It deepens into academic language,
providing the teacher with lots of very useful tips and guidelines for email communication with
students, classroom interactions or office hours and appointments, for example, along with
interesting vocabulary about the academic world, names, places, directions, etc.
There is also a pronunciation focus section devoted not only to vowels, prepositions, etc. but
also to pausing or have, among others.”


«Instructor’s Notes» PDF File:

«Suggestions for Using the Companion Videos and Transcripts» PDF File:

«Transcripts for the Videos» PDF File:

English for Academic Correspondence and Socializing

Author: Wallwork, A.

Recommended by: Lucas Baeyens Morata

“Addressed to non-native English speaking researchers and professors, it provides information, tips and authentic examples from real texts to improve understanding and production of academic correspondence, cover letters, etc. It could be helpful in order to develop the teachers’ academic proficiency.”

Tecnologías Integradas en la Didáctica de las Lenguas Extranjeras (en Español)

Author: Varios Autores

Recommended by: María Isabel Jiménez González

“En la página 30 de este libro, aparecen 3 recursos para mejorar la pronunciación de manera autónoma (Forvo, Rhinospike y Fluentu). En la página 29 del mismo libro también aparecen dos herramientas para adquirir vocabulario (Memrise y Quizlet).”

Realizing Content and Language Integration in Higher Education

Author: Haines, K., & Kadwell, A.A.

Recommended by: María Isabel Jiménez González

“In this volume there is a chapter which is interesting for our purpose («Preparing lecturers for English-medium instruction»). It talks about 9 Master Classes of “Spoken English for Lecturers”.”

– Wilkinson, R. & Zegers, V. (eds.) (2008). Realizing Content and Language Integration in Higher Education. Maastricht University.