Exploring teachers’ oral explanations of new English lexical items in a Chinese university: Comparisons with dictionary information

Author: Macaro, E.

Recommended by: Alicia Fernández Barrera

“This article analyses EMI teachers’ discourse in a Chinese university, particularly oral explanations of unfamiliar lexical item in EMI subjects. It is a comparative study between oral explanations and the information provided by dictionaries in order to gain insights into the challenges teachers face when putting across the meaning of words which may not have direct equivalence in both languages.”

‘I can’t find the words now…’: Teacher Discourse Strategies and their Communicative Potential in Spanish- and English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education

Author: Sánchez-García, D.

Recommended by: Alicia Fernández Barrera

“This study examines the discourse strategies deployed in the teaching of the same disciplinary content through both their L1 and their L2 to examine the extent to which these strategies help teachers achieve their communicative goal. The study unveils the impact of the language of instruction on teachers’ communicative strategies and sheds light on teachers’ pressing linguistic needs.”