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The Laboratory of User Interaction and Software Engineering (LoUISE ) was created in 2000 and during the last years has aimed his research activities towards Human-Computer Interaction discipline. Its goals have been always centred in enhancing the quality of interactive systems. With this aim it has stood on other branches of knowledge such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or the Design of Control Systems for the development of cyber-physical systems. Nowadays the group consists of ten researchers belonging to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). Throughout the trajectory of the group, the laboratory has included a high number of researchers working both in Spain and abroad. Regarding the research lines, they have changed, currently focusing in health area.

Vi-SMARt Project

You can find the most relevant information of one of our current research project Vi-SMARt.

The main goal of this project is studied how the use of Post-WIMP technologies, by means of multisensory activation, help in the patients’ rehabilitation. Similarly, it is studied how the exploitation of haptic and vestibular (by means of “walk in place” platforms) stimuli impacts in both the development of tele-rehabilitation systems and the design of rehabilitation tasks designed by specialists. Moreover, it is proposed to turn such systems into Collaborative
Virtual Environments (CVE) that enable patients to interact with their peers and specialists, improving the feeling of presence both individual and social, and to determine its effects on their isolation and motivation.

Ihope you find this new project interesting.