First working session with social workers and arts professionals

Last 2nd December, MOMU Spain developed the first working session with different social work and art professionals. The participants belong to the City Council of Cuenca, ACCEM (working with immigrants and refugees), Cáritas (working with different groups in exclusion), Roosevelt Association (works with people with disabilities), Infantad Center Of Spain (works with people with disabilities) and Museum of Abstract Art of Cuenca.

The Workshop began with a presentation of the project objetives and the current situation by Emilio Gómez. After that Fernando Casas presented all the data of the Eurostat European Youth Survey (April 2016).

And finally, Óscar Martínez explained some good practices and cases about social work and art. This moment was the starting point of the discussion about the possibilities of being able to work in a multiprofessional way.

All the participants also presented their projects that relate both areas and the possibilities of working together for the development of a joint work between professors and professionals of both areas, social work and art. These professionals are also tutors of teaching practices with the university.

The session was closed with the commitment to continue sharing the information among the different groups that participated and with the objective set at the next working session in January 2017.