Research Team

Research Team Members

The six full-time research team (RTM) members are:

MAR: Manuel A. Rodrigo; JLB: Justo Lobato; PCC: Pablo Cañizares; CSJ: Cristina Sáez; CMF: Carmen M. Fernández; ELF: Engracia Lacasa)

This team is working togegher for a very long period and it has successfully faced many challenges in different projects.

Supporting Research Team

The Research team is completed with the very important contribution of a highly specialized Supporting Research Team (STM) consisting of  two professors of vocational training belonging to IES Maestre de Calatrava: the head of the Department of Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles (Miguel Félix Molina, MFM) and the Director of the vocational training Center (Mª del Mar Cámara García, MCG), whose specialty is of a great help for WP4 in which a prototype of the EDEN technology is going to be manufactured and tested. It is important to state that the vocational skills center is one of the best professional centers of Castilla la Mancha in the specialty of maintenance of vehicles and transport and currently this center is offering training at all levels including longlife learning courses for professional in hybrid engines. As well, two Brazilian professors with a great tradition of collaboration with our group in the development of different electrochemical technologies (Carlos Alberto Martinez-Huitle, CAM) and in the powering of solar photovoltaic panels with electrolysers (Elisama Vieira Dos Santos, EVS) are going to participate in the project in WP3 and WP5.