Equipamiento utilizado

1) Analytical characterization (ACh)
Chromatographs: 2 GC (SDM Younglin 6100 GC and Perkin Elmer Clarus 500); 2 GC-Mass (Thermo trace GC Ultra y SHIMADZU GCMS-QP2010 PLUS); 3 HPLC-IC (Shimadzu LC-20; Metrohm 700 and Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex); 3 HPLC (Agilent 1100 Series (UV/VIS); Jasco LC-Net II/ADC (UV/VIS); Agilent 1260 Series (DAD/FLD/ELSD/Mass). TOC: 2 TOC analyzers (Analytic jena multi N/C 3100 and multi EA4000). Titrators: 2 Automatic titrators (Metrohm 702 SM-Titrino and 686 titroprocessor). Photometers: 5 Photometers UV/vis (Gallery Thermo scientific y HACH Pharo 100 Merck; SHIMADZU UV1700; Agilent Cary 300 UV/Vis). Other equipment: 1 ICP-AES (Varian Liberty RL). 1 double-beam AAS (Varian SpectrAA 220). 1 Varian SpectrAA 220. 1 Z-Potential (Nano-ZS).

2) Electrochemical characterization (ECh)
4 potenciostats-galvanostats (Voltalab PGP201; 2 Autolab PGSTAQ302N and Autolab PGSTAQ30). 1 Multichannel ARBIN with 32 channels (LBT21084). 1 ARBIN Station for testing RFB

3) Cell and electrodes manufacturing (CEME)
Cell manufacturing: 3-D printer (3DCPI). Electrode preparation: Air brushing. Electrospray & electrospinning (Bioinicia).

4) Supplementary Lab Equipment (SLE)
1 Multi-agitation system (15 positions) of 200 cm3 thermostated beakers. 1 extractor GERHARDT Soxtherm 6. Several pHmeters, conductivity-meters, multimeters, COD thermo-reactor, oximeters, ovens, etc.

5) Renewable energy & storage plants (RESP)
1 Bench scale unit: 2 photovoltaic panels (300 Wp), Pb batteries (500 Ah) and SCADA. 1 Prototype scale unit: 10 photovoltaic panels (2150 Wp), Pb batteries (2500 Ah) and SCADA. 1 bench scale VRFB. 1 pilot scale VRFB

6) Liquid-gas echem process plants (LGEP)
2 full-equipped atmospheric electro-absorption bench-scale plants equipped with packed column & jet absorbers. 1 full-equipped mixed electro-absorption bench-scale plant equipped with microbubble jet. 2 full-equipped Bench scale pressurized electro-absorber equipped with jet mixer & flow-through cell (up to 6 bar).

7) Gas-phase echem process plants (GTP)
2 Full-equipped PEM fuel cell/electrolyzer bench scale plants. 1 Full-equipped PEM FC/EL pilot scale plant (ARBIN FC test station)

8) Liquid-phase echem process plants (LTP)
10 full-equipped sono-photo-electrolysis bench scale plants. Electrode size: 100 cm2. US probes: hielscher UP200S (24kHz) and Olympus US generator (10MHz frequency). UV Lamps: Vilber Lourmat VL lamps (4w, 365 / 254-15w, 312/254 nm) and submersible lamp (11w, 254 nm). 4 different types of cells made by CONDIAS and WATERDIAM. 1 full-equipped Bench scale ozonation plant. 2 full-equipped water electrolysis prototype plants. Anodic surface: 1 m2 and 0.35 m2. Ready for UV/US.

9) Available software (SOFT)
Labview professional; Sima Pro; Consol Multiphysics; Hysys Aspen; COMSOL