FIDELIO: Fuzzy Information Filtering Techniques applied to Metasearch Engines

Applications of Fuzzy Logic on the Internet

The main objective of this project is the application of the fuzzy information filtering techniques on metasearch engines in order to retrieve more relevant results for the user, specially in within enviroments where the underlying contents change dynamically. An example of this kind of applications are the Web, blogs, e-mail, etc.

For this purpose a review of the main techniques and strategies that have used up to now is planned. Among these strategies clustering, information filtering based on user profiles, knowledge represtation based on prototypes, automatic ontology generation or pseudo/relevance feedback can be some examples.

Once the review has been made, a platform will be developed whose main goal is the implementation of the main methods used to organize dynamic document collections in an automatic way by means of fuzzy content-based structures. The evaluation of the system performance will be tested by the application of the built structures to the search process carried out by metasearch engines.

Once the application is developed and the methods are tested then the last step will be the technology transfer in order to transmit the adquired knowledge to the society.