The SMILe (Soft Management of Internet and Learning) research team develops his work in the field of application of Soft-Computing techniques (mainly Fuzzy Logic) within the Information Retrieval on the Internet, Learning and Decision Support Systems and more recently Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining and Intelligent Data Analysis and Big Data. In this framework, we highlight contributions in models that allow the semantic search of information on the Web and other large databases, the efficient management of dynamic repositories of documents, etc. All these scientific contributions are marked by a deep practical approach which is reflected in the different search and knowledge management tools that have been implemented and put into operation during the last years (FISS, Zoom, GUMSe, BUDI, AGORA, etc.).

Topics of interest:

  • Soft Computing and Fuzzy Logic theory and applications
  • Collaborative, e-Learning and Learning Object models
  • Knowledge representation and inference models
  • Knowledge-based and Decision Support Systems development
  • Conceptual/Semantic Information Retrieval: Metasearch Engines
  • Sentiment Analysis / Opinion Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics