Grupo de Combustibles y Motores (GCM)

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial de Ciudad RealUCLM

Ingeniería Térmica

Subject Code56326
Subject NameThermal Engineering
Subject termSecond quarter of 3rd year
Hours per week4
Subject typeObligatory
Credits 6 ECTS credits


ObjectivesAn overall sight of the technologies (elements, processes and systems) present in industry for the best use of themal energy
ContentsHeat exchangers, combustion and combustibles, compressors and turbines, hearths, burners, boilers, ovens and dryers,  cool production systems, coolant and air conditioning systems
BibliographyS.K. Hongtan Liu. Heat exchangers. Selection, rating and thermal design. CRC Press, USA, 2002
R. Joel. Basic Engineering Thermodynamics. Longman. Inglaterra, 1996
ProfessorRosario Ballesteros Yáñez
Teaching MethodClassroom and laboratory teaching
Evaluation MethodMid-term and final exams