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Subject Code 310626
Subject Name Industrial refrigeration
Subject term First quarter, 1st year (Master in Industrial Engineering)
Hours per week 4
Subject type Obligatoria (required)
Credits 6 ECTS credits

Objectives Knowledge on the refigeration systems used in industry,  their themodynamic fundamentals and their constructive details. Understand more deeply the psichrometry and the air conditionig systems as the most important application of cold.
Contents Coolants. Compression refrigeration systems. Absortion and ejection systems. Expansion systems. Cryogenics. Components of the industrial systems. Psichrometry. Calculation of thermal charges and pipes.
Bibliography Turns, S. An introduction to combustion. Concepts and applications. McGraw-Hill. 1997.
Lapuerta, M.; Hernández, J.J. Tecnologías de la combustión. Ciencia y Técnica, 17. Serv. Publicaciones UCLM. 1998.
Professor Magín Lapuerta
José Rodríguez Fernández
Teaching Method Classroom and laboratory teaching
Evaluation Method Mid-term and final exams