Researching in…

Energy & Environmental Economics in the EU.

Energy and Environmental Economics plays a major role in a global dimension as well as, specifically, in a European dimension in a World where economic growth should be subject to the restrictions that environmental problems entail.

Renewable Energy.

Renewable energy is the main way to reach an effective mitigation of the Global Warming. Specifically, I belong to a research team (the «Wind-Team») that studies the wind power sector.

Do you want to read some of our research? Download one of our papers here!

Input-Output Analysis.

IO Analysis it has been my field of expertise since the 90’s, when I started my academic career. Sensitivity Analysis, identification of important coefficients, application of Perron-Frobenius’ eigenvalue properties to teh IO framework… Tools for a high-desaggregated description of intersectoral relations.

Do you need an introduction of IO Analysis from my own point of view? Download my (old) book here!