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Villasalero, M. (2014): “Intra-network knowledge roles and division performance in multi-business firms”, Journal of Knowledge Management, 18(6): 1165-1183.

Multi-business firms are distributed knowledge systems in which business units are extensively involved in internal knowledge transfer processes. Business units play different roles within their respective corporate knowledge networks as knowledge providers, knowledge receivers, both or neither. This study deals Sigue leyendo

Villasalero, M. (2014): “University knowledge, open innovation and technological capital in Spanish science parks: Research revealing or technology selling?”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Journal of Intellectual Capital, 15(4): 479-496.

This study investigates the connection between university research and technological capital developed by science park firms in order to elucidate whether the causal linkage is owing to non-pecuniary research spillovers or pecuniary technology transfer activities. Sigue leyendo