Miguel Peréz Milans


Miguel Pérez-Milans is Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Department of Culture, Communication and Media in UCL Institute of Education (UK). He holds a PhD. in Socio- and Applied Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). He was postdoctoral fellow at King’s College London (2010-2011), and has worked as Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong (2011-2015). His research interests are related to the areas of multilingualism, language ideology, language and globalization, language in late modernity, language and social interaction, and language policy. Over the last 15 years he has conducted ethnographic and sociolinguistic fieldwork in the educational contexts of Madrid, London, Mainland China and Hong Kong, with close attention to schools’ local practices and youngsters’ trajectories vis-à-vis wider institutional, national and international policies shaped by: a) mobility and migration; b) shifting politics of national identity; c) institutional neo-liberalization; and d) commodification of language and culture. He has authored a book on English language education policies and practices in late modern China, in Routledge Critical Series in Multilingualism (2013), and has published in international journals within the fields of linguistics and language education studies such as Journal of Language, Identity and Education (2011), Pragmatics (2011), Linguistics and Education (2012), Spanish in Context (2012), International Journal of Multilingualism (2014), Pedagogies: An International Journal (2015), and Language Policy (2015). Miguel has previously edited Special Issues in International Journal of Multilingualism (2014) and Language Policy (2015), and is currently co-editing with James W. Tollefson the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Language Policy and Planning (2017). He has also been Book Review Editor for Journal of Multicultural Discourses (2008-2009).