Esther Nieto Moreno de Diezmas

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I hold a BA in English Philology, a BA in French Philology, a BA in Spanish Philology, a BA in Law and a PhD in English Studies (Applied Linguistics) from the University of Castilla-La Mancha. I have worked as a secondary education teacher for 18 years and since 2009 I have been a lecturer at the Faculty of Education of Ciudad Real (UCLM) where I have taught English Language and Didactics I in both degrees in Primary Education and in Early Childhood Education, Grammar and Discourse in Early Childhood Education Classroom and Foreign Language and Didactics in the Courses of Adaptation to the Degrees of Primary Education and Early Childhood Education. I have also taught “Methodology, Resources and Assessment” on the MA in Secondary Education, and Bachillerato, Vocational Training and Language Learning and I have been a visiting postdoctoral fellow at the Universitatea de Arte of Tirgu Mures, at the Faculdade de Letras of Lisbon and at the Escola Superior de Educaçao of Lisbon. I am currently the director of an innovation project about the promotion of autoregulation in the learning of foreign languages through ICT and I take part in an innovation project to introduce the teaching and learning of Science through English at the Faculties of Education of the UCLM. My main line of research is the policy and implementation of bilingual programmes in primary and secondary education and the acquisition of the key competences by the students enrolled in them. Other research interests include the implementation of new technologies in education, interdisciplinary acquisition of key competences (particularly, communication in the mother tongue and in foreign languages, emotional competence, digital competence, and learning to learn) and language and the law.