Creative Use of Technology in the Classroom – APP in MALTA

n the wake of the worldwide pandemic, both students and teaching practitioners alike have increased their use of technology for teaching and learning as part of their daily educational routine, be that in the classroom or at home. This course aims to offer you, as a teaching professional, a forum for sharing, practising, and improving your digital skills.

The content comprises trainer-led, group-based, and independent activities. You will be expected to take a full and active part in all aspects of the course in order to maximise the teaching and learning opportunities we offer you.

It is strongly recommended that you bring a laptop and a handheld device, such as a small tablet or mobile phone, to the course so that you can participate fully in the practical elements of the programme.


  • Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants Video
  • Are you a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant? [Personal Task]
  • TedTalk – Best or worst thing for education – Video
  • ThingLink App
  • Canva App
  • Blendspace App
  • Classkick App
  • Kiddle Site
  • Twinkl Site
  • Kahoot
  • Quizizz
  • Socrative
  • Quizlet
  • Plickers
  • Baamboozle
  • Blooket

 Today it is my first day in the school. We have used edpuzzle, with this application you can edit videos and make questions about them.

Moreover, we use Stop Motion Movie, here you are an example of my cat.

We were learning many software programs:

In the morning we were playing  a game in which everyone should say something about themselves that was true or false “two trues and a lie”. The program was named Nearbod.

Moreover we were developed a book, with bookcreator, I did it about the main beaches in Malta.

Here you are the result:

eLearning apps:

We used as well Adobe Spark, you can see here an example:

 We learn different programs and we did different activities.

We starting listening a text and trying to write and extract the content.

Later, we use the program active inspire to built a thesaurus dictionary.

At the end of the day we develop a video with the application Kinemaster, here you are:



Dissemination day

I have finished my blog and I have done some slides, here you are!