Cultural module: “Languages, identities and emotions in European multilingual cinema”


Language, Identity and Emotions in European Multilingual Cinema (0.5 ects)

1st edition: 6th November to 27th November 2019 (four three and a half hour sessions, movie included, held each Wednesday evening, between 16:00 and 19:30). Download Module Brochure.

Target: Undergaduates, postgraduates, researchers, Master students, teachers in multilingual schools

Language: Presentations will be in Spanish or in English.

Methodology: In-class teaching; informal learning

Dates and schedule: Events page.

Aims: This module focuses on the study of the role of language and visual images in the processes of constructing European culture and identity.

Contents: The seminar is divided into four modules, delivered in four consecutive weeks. The course contents are:

• Module 1 ‘A supranational cinema for supranational Europe’ (introduction to the seminar) plus ‘Europeanism and its discontents’.

• Module 2 ‘Identity and the past: From nostalgia to utopia’.

• Module 3 ‘Anger, wrath and conflict in European cinema’.

• Module 4 ‘European ways of feeling’.

Throughout this course, we will be able to:

• understand a wide range of arguments and issues relating to European ideology, culture and concepts of identities, as illustrated by European cinematographic production;

• evaluate the main issues surrounding national, cultural and political concepts in the search for European identity in this medium;

• develop an awareness of European integration process with a descriptive and artistic picture of European society;

• increase their knowledge and understanding of other EU member societies, languages and cultures.