Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja

Castilla La Mancha University
School of Advanced Agricultural and Forestry Engineering
Department of Agroforestry Technology and Science and Genetics
Campus Universitario s/n
C.P. 02071, Albacete (Spain).
Télf.; 967599200 ext. 2818

E-mail : manuelesteban.lucas@uclm.es


B.S.(1996-1999), Castilla La Mancha University, Forestry; M.S. (2000-2002), Lleida University, Forestry; Master in Forestry and Rural Development (2004), Polytechnic University of Valencia; Master in Environmental Engineering (2006), Castilla La Mancha University; Ph.D. (2008), Castilla La Mancha University, Forestry.


Since 2005, I have been working on different research projects and teaching activities at Castilla La Mancha University (Spain). I developed my doctoral thesis in Cuenca Mountains working on Spanish black pine (Pinus nigra Arn. ssp salzmannii) natural regeneration and sustainable forest management. I have also spent some years in different European and national universities and research institutes as for example Edinburgh University (Scotland), Instituto Superior de Agronomía de Lisboa (Portugal), Tras-Os-Montes e Alto Douro University (Portugal) and Centro de Biología Aplicada del Segura (Spain). I am currently involved in many different research and teaching activities at the School of Advanced Agricultural Engineering (Castilla La Mancha University). My core research and teaching interest are related to:

1.- Assessing hydrological behaviour and sediment connectivity in contrasting landscapes.
2. – Forest ecosystem management under the sustainability and multifunctionality forestry principles within the context of climate change

Also, I am collaborating at different levels with others colleagues in different research areas as:

1. – The influence of Forest management over microbiological properties and enzymatic activities of forest soils.
2. – The use of agro-forestry crops, forest biomass and forestry and agricultural wastes as renewable energy.
3. – Assessing water vapour and carbon fluxes in agricultural and forest areas of Castilla La Mancha
4. – Environmental assessment of renewable energy infrastructures and agro-forestry projects.