1. Abstract CV

Manuel A. Rodrigo was born in Plasencia (Spain) in 1970 (ORCID: 0000-0003-2518-8436; Scopus Author ID: 34868498800; WoS ResearcherID: I-6112-2013; Google scholar: Manuel Andres Rodrigo). He studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Valencia, where he was graduated at the top of his class in 1993. He obtained a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Valencia in 1997, with a Thesis focused on the development of automation systems (control algorithms) for the optimization of the biological nutrient removal processes in municipal wastewater treatment facilities. In 1997, he joined the University the Castilla La Mancha as Assistant Professor and, casually, he began researching on electrochemical technology, a new topic in which no one else was specialized in that young University (founded in 1982) and no facilities were available. In this first postdoctoral stage, his research was focused on the electrolysis of industrial wastewater, trying to develop reactors that combined granular activated carbon adsorption and electrolysis. In 1999, he did a first postdoctoral training in the Lab of Prof. Comninellis (EPFL, Switzerland), where he was trained in electrochemical technology and he started working in electrolysis with boron doped diamond electrodes, one of the key topics in his research. In 2000, he was appointed as Associate Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and expanded his research lines by starting to work on electrocoagulation and high temperature PEM fuel cells. Then, oxidants production, microbial fuel cells, soil electro-remediation, green powering of electrochemical devices and electrochemical volatile organic compounds gas treatment. A second training in the group of Prof Comninellis was carried out in 2003, this time, focused on electrocatalysis. In 2009, he was promoted to Full Professor in Chemical Engineering at the UCLM. From that moment on, he has working to consolidate a highly-competitive and internationally-minded research team, focused on the development of new and value-added applications of electrochemical engineering, with expertise in the frontiers between electrochemistry-energy and electrochemistry-environment and with a relevant transfer of knowledge to the industry. During these years, he has kept a strong consultant collaboration with many companies in energy and environmental engineering, and several private-financed projects. He has also opened joint research lines with different research groups all around the World, specially promoting collaborations with Latin-America groups. Prof Rodrigo is author of over 480 peer reviewed papers in high impact factor journal and books (>330 Q1 according to WoS), more than 80 technical reports for companies, 5 patents, and he has supervised 16 PhD theses and currently is supervising 8 more. H-index of 68 according to SCOPUS and more than 18000 citations (January 5th,2021). He has presented more than 400 communications (more than half of them as oral communications) in national and international meetings including more than 50 keynotes. Prof Rodrigo has led or is now leading 13 public financed research projects (1955.81 k€), 3 public financed infrastructure projects (819.91 k€), 19 private financed research contracts (1096.92 k€) and collaborated or is collaborating in other 25 public financed research projects (4115.19 k€), 12 public financed infrastructure projects (2221.29 k€) and 18 private financed projects (614.96 k€). Prof Rodrigo was editor of the Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering from 2011 to 2016 and, currently, he belongs to the Editorial Board of Journals such as Separation & Purification Technology, Journal of Hazardous Materials and Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. He has been guest editor in 7 special issues of publications indexed in WoS (Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2 in Electrochimica Acta and 3 in Journal of Applied Electrochemistry). Prof. Rodrigo has been invited Professor at the universities Paris Est Marne la Vallée (France) and Politécnica de Valencia (Spain). He has served as Vicedean of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of the UCLM (2007-2015), vice-chair (2014-2016) and elected Chair (2020) of Division 5 of ISE and Chairman of the Working Party of Electrochemical Engineering of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (2011-2018), where he remains as a delegate, as well as in the Energy Section of this professional association (2018-). He is serving as Chair of the Division 5 of ISE in 2021. He is also Chair of the Spanish Excellence Network on Environmental and Energy applications of Electrochemical Technology (2018-2021). Organizer of several meetings on electrochemical technology, including one ISE Topical Meeting, and one EFCE summer school. He has served in the Chemical Technology area of ANEP (National Agency for Research Projects Evaluation) (2015-2017) and in the Spanish AEI (National Agency for Research) in the Chemical Technology assessment field (2017-2019). In 2020 he received the Trajectory Award of the Group of Chemical Engineering of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry. Following, 10 publications, from 2010 to 2019, are highlighted based on the novelty and/or relevance of the topic, impact factor / number of citations (as for SCOPUS on 05/01/21):
1) Rodrigo, M.A., Cañizares, P., Sánchez-Carretero, A., Sáez, C. (2010) Use of conductive-diamond electrochemical oxidation for wastewater treatment. CATALYST TODAY 151(1-2), 173-177 (123 citations, new applications for novel electrodes)
2) Lobato, J; Cañizares, P; Rodrigo, MA; Linares, JJ; Pinar, FJ (2010) Study of the influence of the amount of PBI-H3PO4 in the catalytic layer of a high temperature PEMFC. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 35(3), 1347-1355 (123 citations. Effect of the membranes doping in high temperature PEM fuel cells)
3) Sanchez-Carretero, A; Saez, C; Cañizares, P; Rodrigo, MA (2011) Electrochemical production of perchlorates using conductive diamond electrolyses CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 166(2), 710-714 (128 citations. First results in a new pathway to produce perchlorates using diamond electrodes)
4) Lopez-Vizcaino, R; Saez, C; Cañizares, P; Rodrigo, MA (2012) The use of a combined process of surfactant-aided soil washing and coagulation for PAH-contaminated soils treatment. SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, 88, 46-51 (76 citations. Soils and wastewater treatment process integration)
5) Lopez-Vizcaino, R; Alonso, J; Cañizares, P; Leon, MJ; Navarro, V; Rodrigo, MA; Saez, C (2014) Electroremediation of a natural soil polluted with phenanthrene in a pilot plant. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 265,142-150 (48 citations. Scale-up of soil remediation processes with prototypes of more than 30 m3)
6) Martínez-Huitle, C.A.; Rodrigo M.A.; Sirés, I.; Scialdone, O. (2015) Single and Coupled Electrochemical Processes and Reactors for the Abatement of Organic Water Pollutants: A Critical Review. CHEMICAL REVIEWS 15(24), 13362-13407 (705 citations. One of the review papers I have prepared for dissemination of electrochemical technology. Outstanding impact index of the journal)
7) Pinar. FJ; Cañizares, P; Rodrigo MA; Úbeda, D; Lobato, J. (2015) Long-term testing of a high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell short stack operated with improved polybenzimidazole-based composite membranes. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, 274, 177-185 (52 citations. Scale-up of fuel cells and lifetests).
8) Pérez, J.F., Llanos, J., Sáez, C., López, C., Cañizares, P., Rodrigo, M.A. (2016) Electrochemical jet-cell for the in-situ generation of hydrogen peroxide. Electrochemistry Communications 71, 65-68 (52 citations. New concept cells for production of oxidants)
9) Pérez, J.F., Galia, A., Rodrigo, M.A., Llanos, J., Sabatino, S., Sáez, C., Schiavo, B., Scialdone, O (2017) Effect of pressure on the electrochemical generation of hydrogen peroxide in undivided cells on carbon felt electrodes. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 248, 10 September 2017, 169-177 (26 citations. New concept cells for production of oxidants)
10) Mena, E; López-Vizcaíno, R.; Millán, M.; Cañizares, P.; Lobato, J.; Rodrigo, M.A (2018). Vanadium redox Flow batteries for the storage of electricity produced in wind turbines. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH, 42, 720-730 (20 citations. Results on the use of RFB and green energy for powering environmental remediation cells).

Professor in Chemical Engineering / Catedrático de Ingeniería Química