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Workshop: Forecasting and inventory control.

Workshop: Forecasting and inventory control.

It is a pleasure to inform that two members of the INTERCOL Project (Eugenia and Ester) are organising a very interesting event about Forecasting and inventory control within the 11th. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management that will take place in Valencia between the 5th. and 6th. of July. Note that these disciplines are typically studied as different areas, although both of them have many links that often are overlooked. Therefore this workshop can be very useful to bridge that gap!.

Please, see below the announcement of the workshop:

Code: OWS05

Forecasting techniques are widely used in many areas of operations research. One of these areas is inventory control. The development of methods that can be applied to optimize the supply chain management in different contexts include both of these research fields: forecasting and inventory control. The objective of this workshop is to bridge the gap between forecasting techniques and inventory control to optimize the supply chain management.

Topics covered (but not limited to):

  • Forecasting systems to decision-making processes
  • Applications of particular forecasting models •
  • Theoretical, practical, computational and methodological forecasting studies •
  • Empirical or model-based performance assessment of inventory systems •
  • Use of big data in inventory management
  • Retail inventory management,
  • Consumer behaviour: product selection, substitution, discounting, etc.
  • Inventory routing problems, VMI and related concepts.


More info at: http://www.cigip.upv.es/cio2017/authors/workshops-call-for-papers/

Organisers: Eugenia Babiloni and Ester Guijarro (Universitat Politècnica de València), mabagri@doe.upv.es



– Paper submission deadline: 20th February 2017
– Authors notification due: 17th April 2017
– Final versions of papers: 15th May 2017
– Conference: 5th and 6th July 2017

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