Jesús Padilla Gálvez

Jesús Padilla Gálvez

Jesús Padilla Gálvez (born October 28, 1959) is a philosopher who worked primarily in philosophy of language, logic, and the history of sciences. Jesús Padilla Gálvez studied Philosophy, History and Mathematics at the University of Cologne (Germany) and was awarded the M.A. in 1983 and a Dr. phil. in Philosophy in 1988. He was Research Assistant (1988–1991) at the University of Murcia (Spain) and later held the post of Associate Professor (1992–1994) for Logic and Philosophy of Language at the University of León (Spain). From 1994 to 1999 he was Visiting Professor at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria). Since 1999 he has been Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Toledo (Spain). He has held visiting posts at the Universities of University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany), University of Graz (Austria), University of Potsdam (Germany), University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), University of Munich (Germany), University of Vienna and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). As director of the international scientific journal Dókos. Revista Filosófica – Philosophical Review  and editor of the international series “Aporia / Aποpίa” (De Gruyter, Berlin, Boston) the author is continuously engaged with highly relevant philosophical topics.

2021: Ludwig Wittgenstein. Investigaciones filosóficas. Traducción, introducción y notas de Jesús Padilla Gálvez. ISBN: 978-84-1364-020-4.

2021: El mentiroso. Genealogía de una paradoja sobre la verdad y autorreferencia. Jesús Padilla Gálvez. 1ª Edición / 408 págs. / Rústica / Castellano / Libro, ISBN: 9788418656187.

2021: State of Affairs. Reconstructing the Controversy over Sachverhalt. Munich: Philosophia Verlag. Jesús Padilla Gálvez.

2016: Action, Decision-Making and Forms of Life. Jesús Padilla Gálvez (ed.), De Gruyter, 173pp., ISBN: 9783110472882.