CHAVES, E.W.V. (1997). Análise de placas, considerando variação de espessura, através do método dos elementos de contorno. São Carlos, 1997. 271p. Dissertação (Mestrado) – Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo. (in portuguese)

   Advisor: Prof. Wilson Sérgio VENTURINI (In Memoriam).


This work deals with the formulation of the Boundary Element Method applied to plate bending problem using the Kirchhoff’s theories. Special emphasis is given to plates with varying thickness since this subject is not much tackled. The study of the bending of plates of variable thickness is pursued in various fields, such as civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and the design of machines. It was adopted linearly varying rigidity, giving integral equations of displacements with domain terms, that will be treated by domain discretization into cells.

  Keywords: Plate bending – boundary elements – varying thickness.