Raúl López Martín

I studied Physics and Materials engineering at the University of Seville and graduated in 2019. At the same university, I got a Msc in Science and Technology of new Materials in 2020. Under the supervision of Prof. Javier S. Blázquez Gámez, I wrote both my degree and my masters final projects on the study of magnetostructural transitions and their kinetics, mainly on Heusler alloys. During the time I was conducting my Msc final project, I contribute to a scientific paper on how a distribution of transition temperatures in magnetic transformations can affect experimental data. I also could improve my knowledge on calorimetry (DSC), magnetometry (VSM) and theories of phase transformations.

Since December 2020, I am a predoctoral researcher at Instituto Regional de Investigación Científica Aplicada (IRICA) in Ciudad Real. There, I will conduct my PhD studies in gas-phase synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Binns as part of the fellowship granted by Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.