Information about the job: teaching, research, transfer and management activities carried out by the Full Professor in Applied Economics (Econometrics) Víctor Raúl López Ruiz, from the Department of Spanish and International Economics, Econometrics and History and Economic Institutions (Econometrics: Applied Economics). University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). He has been teaching continuously since 1993 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of Albacete. Access from this site to his resources on the Internet. Contact the Professor and his offer in courses, seminars and conferences.

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«Each one is as God did, and even worse many times» (Don Quixote of La Mancha, 2nd part, 1615, Chapter IV).

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About Econometrics is said (A. Pulido, 1989: 55):»… econometric models alone can not create economic theory, or even confirm or refute it definitively, it’s already important mission is limited to pointing out certain lines of research that seem – at that time – more secure.»

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With my teachers, from elementary school, Leopoldo Sánchez-Beato and Maria Jesús López Nieto, and from university Dr. Antonio Pulido San Román.

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