The course is targeted at:

– Judges, prosecutors and law enforcement authorities.
– Staff members of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.
– Translators and interpreters of the EU Member States and EU institutions, agencias and bodies.
– Staff members, translators and interpreters of United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and ad hoc criminal tribunals.
– Translators and interpreters.


Learners should have a University Degree.
It is advisable to have experience or knowledge in any of the following areas:
– Criminal Justice systems of England-Wales, France or Spain.
– Justice and Home Affairs and/or External Relations of the EU.
– International Criminal Justice.


Learners must have a high level of English and at least a medium level of Spanish and/or French.

Mandatory modules (2), (3) and (4) are delivered in English. Ten hours of the mandatory module (1) will be delivered in French if all learners are able to master the language properly. Otherwise, module (1) will be delivered in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.

Each optional module is delivered in the languages expressed in the PROGRAMME DETAILS.