Publicación en Congreso UCAmI 2019

Nuestros compañeros S. Schez-Sobrino, D. Vallejo, C. Glez-Morcillo, J.J. Castro-Schez y J. Albusac han presentado en el congreso UCAmI 2019 (Toledo, España) el artículo titulado «Towards Precision Rehabilitation for Neurological Diseases: A Data-Driven Approach to the Personalization of Exergames». El abstract del mismo es el siguiente:

Physical rehabilitation of patients affected by neurological diseases currently represents an unmet clinical need, due to the high cost for health systems and the impact rehabilitation has on patients and their families. This paper introduces an approach based on the idea of precision rehabilitation, where the personalization of physical rehabilitation for each patient and the accessibility to technological tools that support it are pursued. A general architecture that contemplates functional modules related to multiple work areas and different roles is proposed. One of these modules is related to gamification and delves into the design and development of exergames, defined from a general data model, in order to increase the level of patients’ motivation when making exercises. The paper discusses the creation and evaluation of an exergame designed for the rehabilitation of lower limbs.