Best paper award en congreso ICEIS 2020

Nuestros compañeros C. Gmez-Portes, C. Lacave, A.I. Molina, D. Vallejo, y S. Schez-Sobrino han recibido el Best Paper Award in the area of Human-Computer Interaction por el artículo presentado en el congreso ICEIS 2020 «Personalising Exergames for the Physical Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Spine Pain».

El abstract del mismo es el siguiente:

Injuries or illnesses related to the lumbar spine need great clinical care as they are one of the most prevalent medical conditions worldwide. The use of exergames has been widespread in recent years and they have been put forward as a possible solution for motivating patients to perform rehabilitation exercises. However, both customizing and creating them is still a task that requires considerable investment both in time and effort. In
this project we present a language with which we have designed a system based on the physical rehabilitation of patients suffering from bone-marrow injuries, which enables customization and generation of exergames. To assess the system, we have designed an experiment with an exergame based on the physical rehabilitation
of the lumbar spine. The purpose of this was to assess its understanding and suitability, whose result reveals that the tool is fun, interesting and easy to use. It is hoped that this approach can be used to considerably reduce the complexity of creating new exergames, as well as supporting the physical rehabilitation process of patients with lower back pain.