Teresa Requena

TERESA REQUENA-PELEGRÍ is permanent lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and English at the Universitat de Barcelona since 1995. She has participated in different research projects related to the studies of masculinities: «‘Men in Fiction: Towards a History of Masculinity Through U.S. Literature and Cinema” (2012-2015)» and «No Country for Old Men? Representations of Masculinity and Aging in Contemporary U.S. Fiction” (2017-present)».
Her research and publications reflect different areas of interest related to literary representations and critical studies on men and masculinities, including ecomasculinities, models of fatherhood, alternative masculinities or the ethics of care. Her publications have focused on texts by authors such as Jonathan Franzen, Annie Proulx, Jane Smiley, Ernest Hemingway or George Sanders among others.

Some of her publications are:
Armengol, Josep Maria, Marta Bosch-VIlarrubias, Àngels Carabí y Teresa Requena-Pelegrí, Eds. Masculinities and Literary Studies: Intersections and New Directions. New York: Routledge, 2017.
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