Sarah Hardy

Sarah Hardy is Elliott Professor of English at Hampden-Sydney College, USA. She specializes in US literature and masculinity studies.
«The Unanchored Self in The Hours after Dalloway,» Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, Fall 2011.
Motherhood and Space: Configurations of the Maternal though Politics, Home, and the Body, a collection of essays co-edited with Caroline Wiedmer. Palgrave/Macmillan, 2005
«Introduction: Spaces of Motherhood,» co-authored with Caroline Wiedmer, in Motherhood and Space.
«Breeding Ambiguity: the Womb as Alien Space in the X-Files,» in Motherhood and Space.
Coordinating Editor and author of Preface for The Slate Hill Series, Volume One: The Authors’ Café. Voyage Publishing, 2006.
«Teaching Writing in the Space of Blackboard,» article coauthored with Evan Davis, Computers and Composition Online, Spring 2003