Lynne Segal

Lynne Segal joined Birkbeck College, University of London, as an Anniversary Professor to celebrate 175 years of the College, in 1999. She was first involved in expanding the remit of gender studies at Birkbeck, straddling the departments of Psychology and English & the Humanities; later in helping to establish the new department of Psychosocial Studies. Her degrees were in Psychology, focussing on conceptual disputes in that discipline. She worked for many years in the Psychology Department of Middlesex University. Her teaching and research interests began with introducing feminist thought, psychoanalytic reflection, social and cultural location into a critique of mainstream Psychology, later adding critical theory when looking at the intersections between Psychology and other branches of knowledge. Her major publications have been in the area of in feminist theory and politics, shifting understandings of femininity, masculinity and sexuality, alongside more recent work on attachments, belongings, the work of memory, social conflict and, most recently, the psychic paradoxes of ageing.