Isabel Santaularia

M. Isabel Santaulària is Senior Lecturer at the Department of English and Linguistics, University of Lleida, where she teaches English literature, popular narratives and history and society of the UK. Her research interests include cultural studies, gender studies and popular narratives. She has published a book on serial killer fiction (El monstruo humano: Una introducción a la ficción de los asesinos en serie. Laertes, 2009) and numerous articles in national and international journals such as Lectora, Atlantis, Journal of Gender Studies, Clues: A Journal of Detection, Victoriographies or The European Journal of English Studies. She has been a member of various research groups investigating areas such as ageing femininities in literature and postcolonial detective fiction. She is currently interested in the intersections between posthumanism and gender and in the representation of ageing men in genre fiction.