MED21 Program




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Launched in Rome in 2010, the MED21 Program is a network including today 12 awards aimed to promote excellence and cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The Awards included in the network honour legal entities or individuals that have contributed significantly to the reinforcement of Mediterranean cooperation in various fields such as philosophy, economy, architecture, urbanism, translation, music, journalism, literature or sciences.

MED21 Awards take their names from personalities that have left their imprint in the history of the Mediterranean, therefore linking concerns of the present and aspirations of the future with the roots of the past, and building harbours for new voyages in the search of new confluences so needed in this times troubled by the increase of intolerance and inequalities.

MED21 awards are stablished, nowadays, in 10 mediterranean countries and are hosted in several cities, from Istanbul to Toledo, from Casablanca to Palermo, including Algiers, Tunis, Marseille, Belgrade, Verona, Genoa, Podgorica, etc.

MED21 Program, founded and presided by Prof. Mohamed Nadir Aziza, has a coordination body located in Paris.